March 2016 - Exploring the Geometric

Some new works done in March 2016

Bright $500

Buddha $500

Pastel Geometrics $650

Snow Child $350


Sweet Soma

New painting of our kitty the mighty Soma.  Our dear Soma cat went missing one night this winter.   He was the sweetest cat ever.  Amazing how animals and humans can share so much love.  


Painting Music

I'm not sure why I can listen to Rufus Wainwright over and over.....for years now. 
 I have been  painting consistently ( as in just about daily)  for 3 months now and Rufus is my back ground music, every time.
You have to listen to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkPDp1t10PQ   
That song is amazing!

I love this write up about Rufus : Like most things worthwhile, Rufus Wainwright’s music takes time to accept as genius. There’s an antiquity in his songs that perhaps shouldn’t be tampered with by modern times. Does that drum machine backbeat really have to be there? Does this beautiful throwback pop song really have to have a verse dedicated to Britney Spears and electro-clash? Yes. Yes, it sure does. Wainwright shuns your drama queen cringe-o-meter. He’s in the business of writing real songs and telling it like it is, but telling it with a swirling orchestra, costume changes and an elaborate set behind him.
I am happy to struggle away with my paintings while I listen to his genius.  It was a lucky day when I found his CD in the library...they must have given copies to all the Canadian libraries..I had never heard of him...just this random CD in the library.
Rufus and libraries....these are a few of my favourite things.
And my new shoes...


What's Going On

I started to get back into painting in February which was kick started by the online painting course I took called Bloom True.  Google it for more details.  What I really want to share is that it got me thinking, after struggling with these painting for 3 months...that what really interests me ...in this moment... is getting across what I am feeling...I mean how do you express ambivalence or urgency in a painting?  I love pretty paintings, paintings that express pure beauty...and I will want to paint those...but since I am writing about whats going on....what's going on is that I think I am digging deeper...somehow I have the strength to turn over more stones.  I am not sure were these paintings will go...as they kinda started out as pretty paintings...and I couldn't complete them...because I wanted them to say more.
Soma our dear cat went out one night ( well I actually put him out... I think he was kind of undecided)  and he never came back.  Usually he would always be back at the door and hour or two later...but not that night.  And he never appeared the next day or the next.  So sad... all the sweetness he brought to our lives.  So I put him in all these paintings.  He was sweetness....maybe these paintings express that.

Here are some gems I came across this morning as I read Julia Cameron's 'Sound of Paper' and Steven Pressfields "Turning Pro'....by the way,  I think I have read Julia's book at least once a year for the past 10 years... I deeply love it.

It takes effort to be clear about things...its easier to be muddy.
The act of paying attention is what brings us peace.
Where I am and what I think about, that becomes something worth bothering about.
-----Julia Cameron-----

The force that can save the amateur is awareness...self awareness.  To act on self awareness one makes herself vulnerable to rejection and expulsion.
-----Steven Pressfield----
I think I have more to say about rejection and expulsion tomorrow... cause I sure have been there!


What's Up

Hopefully this will the the first of alot of 'what's up'.
There is alot up in the garden.  The first year here I was busy just creating the beds, because it was mostly lawn. Now alot of the plants are coming back, reseeding and the garden if filling out. I am learning what goes best here....so much shade...mostly green's as far as vegetables go.  I hope to have more flowers this year...stay posted.

Besides the garden and all its beauty that I like to hang out with....I have been thinking...pondering...really wondering about how to did deeper into myself and how that can be expressed in a painting.  I never got taught that in art school.  So I am having to teach myself.  I was thinking about the writer Natalie Goldberg and wondered if perhaps the exercises she gives for been an authentic writer could transfer to being an authentic artist/painter.  So I am doing an experiment... reading her book on memoir writing and do the writing exercises and seeing if what I come up with in writing will then transfer to imagery.  Today I did quite a few of her 10 minute writing exercises.  Here's what I uncovered...one of the best meals I can remember eating was a baked eggplant dish at the Naam Restaurant in Vancouver.  This was right around the time I believe my son Jude was conceived and as I was thinking about that yummy baked eggplant I remembered how I had intense eggplant cravings when i was pregnant with Jude....could it have began with that most delicious bake eggplant?

Last year this did not exist ...and this year there is so much that is springing up all on its own!

The back garden experiment... I let everything go to seed last year and am just letting it be....lets see what it wants to do all on its own.


Christmas Painting Complete

This is my Christmas present for my boy Jude.  So fun to make... can't wait to give it to him!


Progress...the 30 Mintue a Day Project

Here are three images, each one shows what changes with 30 minutes of painting.